66 confessions of masturbation

2 months ago..All my fears of masturbation were instantly gone the first time my husband decided to finger fuck me. In fact, I now crave this all the time. He said after a few more..

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2 months ago..My girlfriend moved to a different state for studies after a few months of dating. It was hard for both of us but we were determined to make it work long distance. We..

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2 months ago..I loathed porn with cheesy plots like the🍕delivery dude fucking some hot babes because they can’t pay for their pizza, a housewife thirsting on a plumber, students screwing their professors after classes and..

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2 months ago..I have this friend that reviews sex toys for a living -and yes, that's actually a real job! 🤭She often receives shipments of new arrivals for testing then come up with an honest..

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2 months ago..Im a professor at a big University that I won't mention here. Last year before covid there was this beautiful tall slender girl with short brunette hair in one of my classes. Almost..

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2 months ago..A good friend knows that a friend’s sister and mom are off-limits -Bro Code 101! However, the rule is silent about using them as masturbatory aids. Any time there is a grey area..

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