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3 months ago..I want someone to jack their cock off and lick my dirty panties in front of me while i finger my pussy 😋 Cock size doesn't really matter to me that much so..

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3 months ago..I'm 59 love to jack off with a friend can you help ..

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3 months ago..I will be at Untergaten Bar in Simpsonville SC tonigh sucking as many dicks I can I will swAllow over a gallon of sperm easily tonight. ..

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3 months ago..please, let me suck your sexy dick. watch me eat your thick hot SPERM. please feed me good . ..

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3 months ago..well I am a man who loves another to make me eat his thick hot SPERM OMG I LOVE SPERM. I LIVE IN SIMPSONVILLE AND I WOULD TO SEE HOW MUCH..

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3 months ago..My husband has a small cock so two fingers has always been good enough for me. He cums so quick when we fuck and literally has no idea that i finger myself after..

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3 months ago..I am in western massachusetts wm in 50's in a relationship with no sex for years I find myself masturbating daily. Sharing mutual masterbation watching porn maybe something daring like public or parking..

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4 months ago..Feeling my pussy out right now watching jaws lol. dont know why but this movie makes me horny as hell. watching this movie for many years. i sit in the recliner with no..

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4 months ago..r if u want to suck my cock & swallow my hot load text me 2178202357 ..

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4 months ago..im in taylorville il if any women want there pussy ate r pounded text 2178202357 ..

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4 months ago..somebody feed me after fucking me in the mouth. I would love to suck your dick and feel your thick hot SPERM splattering the back of my throat. ..

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4 months ago..whose big dick needs sucked in Simpsonville SC? oh yeah I love thick hot SPERM ..

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4 months ago..my dick is so hard thinking about eating thick hot SPERM and getting my virgin ass fucked hard and filled with your thick hot SPERM. ..

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4 months ago..I fantasize about having a sexy slut with a nice small cock that I can suck on and after she can get me on all fours and then she will be deep down..

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4 months ago..Not sure if fingering your own ass is considered masturbation here but this is something i do nightly. it always makes me cum. I like to think about a guy fucking me in..

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4 months ago..i masturbate 3 times a day i m a male that wears thongs lingerie n highheels when i jackoff. i watch sissy tranny n crossdressing porn. ..

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4 months ago..i like masturbate a lot sometimes i feel like i can meet someone in discreet way and do masturbation online without meeting personal i love it ..

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4 months ago..Got incrediblt turned on and decided to head to the mall bathroom. i masturbated and couldnt stop moaning, and eventually a woman snuck in and finished me off ..

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4 months ago..My pussies wet af right now watching this hot guy walking around at the mall! 🤩OMG this dude is straight up hot!! He makes me want to finger myself right now in public!!..

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4 months ago..Weekend mode fades immediately it hits Sunday afternoon unless you have a wonderful activity lined up. For me, Sunday evenings are meant for nature walks at the park catching up with Mother Nature,..

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