66 confessions of masturbation

1 month ago..I like to play with my pussy watching Days of our lives. The guys on there are just so hot and make me very horny. For those of you that don't know what..

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1 month ago..The best masturbatory aid you could ever ask for is porn –live porn for that matter! Everyone has a guilty pleasure –live porn is my poison! Thanks to this new trend, I can..

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1 month ago..well im back and i totally jerked my cock off today! Took a small video of it too I might add 😀. It's like maybe 3 minutes or so. How many of you..

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1 month ago..Someone recently asked the highest number of times I’ve ever masturbated in a day, and I said 3 at most. Well, I lied for fear of judgment. You see, the plain truth is..

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1 month ago..Sometime in ‘08, I was sentenced to 3 months in prison (over an offense I won’t be discussing here). The first few days were hard for me but my jail mate was kind..

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1 month ago..Before the pandemic, a group of us attended a gay wedding in LA, my first gay wedding thus far. It was on a Friday, and we had planned to hit as many clubs..

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1 month ago..I am strangely attracted to my next door neighbor –a married father of one. He’s always nice to me, and there’s a way he looks at me that makes me think that I..

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1 month ago..The biggest challenge gay dudes face is picking up an attractive guy at a bar when it is not even clear that they are gay to begin with. Fortunately for me, I have..

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1 month ago..The strangest orgasm I’ve ever had was caused by a gentle rub to my inner thighs, and was delivered by a woman in a bar. That’s right, I’m bisexual –and I’m proud to..

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1 month ago..My husband and I enjoy rubbing our dicks against each other and explode at the same time during our masturbation sessions. We’ve made it a routine that whenever we jerk off, right before..

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1 month ago..I’m a generally conservative chic who doesn’t love surprises in bed. Missionary serves me just fine, and for the longest time, for some reason, my boyfriend believed that I have been putting up..

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1 month ago..The best part about being lesbian is that it doesn’t always have to be penetrative sex. In fact, my girlfriend and I have had some of the best orgasms just sucking each other’s’..

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1 month ago..I don't fuck collegues, it messes the workplace dynamic big time! Don't get me wrong -I'm always tempted to smash some of the handsome fellas that look like they would tear up my..

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2 months ago..The company I work for has these boring week-long seminars on a number of subjects from safety, production, sales, etc. They are often held somewhere else, mostly at hotels and the targeted group..

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2 months ago..I’ve been pretty much responsible for my own orgasms since I discovered that my lady parts responded to my touch (about 16 years ago). I’m married now, but I still can’t resist the..

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2 months ago..I stumbled on information that the tip of the penis is laced with about 4,000 nerve endings, making it the most erogenous part of the male body. For circumcised men, the scar at..

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2 months ago..Do you have that one male friend you wish you were fucking discreetly? Well, I have a couple, but let’s discuss Mark (not his real name –that pervert frequents sites like this he..

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2 months ago..When I landed my second job in New York, I was forced to move to a different neighborhood to shorten the commute. I enlisted the services of a moving company, and there I..

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2 months ago..Immediately after college I didn’t have much going on in my life. Honestly, I could jerk off the whole day that my dick felt a little scared whenever I reached out to it..

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2 months ago..I was recently at the mall and I noticed this hot black chick enter the fitting room with quite the upper-class red dress. She glanced at me (or so I thought😜😜😜) like she..

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