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8 hours ago..I'm 19 years old and wet all the time. Can't seem to find a man to fuck me because they think im to fat ☹ this really sucks and at the end of..

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4 days ago..I have a good weenie wank every morning before work. This helps meet fight off them pesky boners that have a tendency to popup at the wrong times throughout the day. Been doing..

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8 days ago..I live off masturbation during ‘trying periods’ in my current wife and I’s relationship. Do I dare say -she gave me some of the best blowjobs when we where young 🙂..

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9 days ago..yeah yo family talk by text or phone 4013185866. i want yo catch mommy forcing her pusdy on a girl then she makes me ear her bf cum ..

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15 days ago..So the drive-in theatre near Cleveland is finally open. You can actually see it right from the ohio turnpike if yoyr driving by. I like to go here alone and jack off in..

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18 days ago..My butt plug is a wonderful tool. It helps me orgasm when i finger my hot wet pussy. If your a women and have never tried it you have no idea what your..

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21 days ago..I have a 13 inch mastabtor on a stick that fucks my ass every night.☺ It makes my cock so hard and i shoot pre cum on the sheets every time. The feel..

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23 days ago..im currently a slave for a digital toilet mistress. i masturbate every day over her mess. ..

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23 days ago..im looking to see what its like to be jacked off by a guy. 60 y/o wm kive in mount pleasant,sc awendawmassage@yahoo.com ..

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23 days ago..I would really love to masturbate in front of a stranger never done this before but have thought about it a lot ..

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25 days ago..Not sure if there are other females out there that like doing this or not but i like playing with my pussy watching skinny shemale guys jerk off on webcam. Dick size really..

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30 days ago..It's finally Friday and im bored as fuck. No date and nothing to do. Think i'll take my clothes off, grab a quick shower and lay on the couch naked watching netflix and..

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1 month ago..I haven't jerked off or had sex with a women in over three years. I think im ready to explode. It's getting to the point where my dick is hard all the time...

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1 month ago..She dont know what shes doing to herself always fingering her pussy every night and shit? Whats a man gotta do to get some love here???? My wife has gone totally bazerk!! Then..

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1 month ago..This may seem weird to you but a good morning 💩 always makes me hard. If the wifes still sleeping sometimes i jerk off in the bathroom and cum on the floor. Then..

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1 month ago..good40 shot of fast, and girls panties are on, y i like to see my ass in them idk. im an ass man do.. butt then i make a dildo, get out the..

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1 month ago..Seems like all the girls these days only want men with big cocks! I have one, but they never come at me for it? Have no idea why -but it's 9+ plus inches..

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1 month ago..pull it out just about anywhere when alone and hard and just go to town ..

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1 month ago..I like to get a pair of panties put them over my Cock and jack off. ..

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2 months ago..I like to sprinkle glitter on my pussy and massage it with my vibrator. It feels fantastic and always makes me orgasm. Men want to touch me but i usually don't let them..

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