143 confessions of masturbation

15 hours ago..Weekend mode fades immediately it hits Sunday afternoon unless you have a wonderful activity lined up. For me, Sunday evenings are meant for nature walks at the park catching up with Mother Nature,..

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4 days ago..My wife caught me jacking off the other day to pornhub and got pissed. I told her well it's better than cheating isn't it? She agreed and let me continue. ..

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8 days ago..I've masturbated for years and still haven't found one single man (drunk or sober) that can do it better than myself! I mean c'mon guys a woman has needs and your small cock..

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15 days ago..Ordered my girlfriend a monster dildo off ebay before they stop selling adult toys on their site. Can't wait to get that fucker so we can play around with it. She's gonna freakout..

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17 days ago.. god dammit feel so motherfuking horny i fist my pussy till it squirts cum all over me then i lick thatt hott cum off my fingers ..

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20 days ago..just need some to masturbate with, mybe more, see where it goes when we meet ..

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23 days ago..jack off buddy needed ASAP south east side SA 2108986339 ..

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23 days ago..looking for lady to have sum sex ASAP 2108986339 so if it thats you plz plz plz hit me up ..

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28 days ago..my pussys a wet mess. it needs cock on the daily but lately can't seem to get any so i have to masturbate. this usually includes various dildos and othe toys. peace... ..

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1 month ago..cuando me msturbo me gusta meterme el dedo para centir mallor satisfacion ..

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1 month ago..My mom walked in on me jacking off in the shower? I mean you would think she could here the water running right? I don't know what this means just thought i would..

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1 month ago..im a secret masturbator. dont tell much but i like to jack off and cum. Sometimes i watch porn and it turns me on. when i jack off i like to look..

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1 month ago..Woop woop!! Went to the sex store right after work this afternoon and bought myself a brand new dildo! I'll be trying that sucker out tonight for sure. I've had my other seems..

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2 months ago..19 yrs old male curious want to get fucked doggy but i like girls but fuck it ..

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2 months ago..hello, my name is Kurt. I live in Holyoke. I own my home. I'm waiting for the deed to come in. My house is finally paid for. I should be on easy..

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2 months ago..I like mutual masturbation. Watching someone masturbate with me really turns me on. She likes to orgasm on my face and I cum on hers. We both lick each other clean. What a..

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2 months ago..I like to smoke a big fat joint and stroke my cock to these cam bitches! Yea im white and proud of it got 11.2 inches for that ass. Want some?..

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2 months ago..My neighbors opened their pool yesterday and i have a good view of it from my upstairs bedroom window. I like to jerk off watching mom in her swimsuit. She has such a..

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2 months ago..hotel room in greenspoint ready for men and women to masturbate together. leave a quick way to contact to eeceive location. cum on! ..

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2 months ago..I'm 19 years old and wet all the time. Can't seem to find a man to fuck me because they think im to fat ☹ this really sucks and at the end of..

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