124 confessions of masturbation

3 months ago..I gently touched my vagina with 2 fingers. It felt good so I did it again. I couldn't stop myself. I started fingering myself in slow circular motions. It was the best feeling..

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3 months ago..I got a big family and once or twice a year my aunt likes to come and visit. Last night I woke up around 3am with a boner and had to take a..

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3 months ago..Shit I love to masturbate! It's fricking healthy plus it feels good. 🙂 Some days i jerk off several times. Others days maybe not so much. Depends on how busy i am...

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3 months ago..i am sissy becky. my sex life is under a Dominatrix. She controls me as Her “sissy cum slut.” i am writing to tell somebody this. i hope you put it online. My..

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3 months ago..When I was younger, I was always shy and had low self-esteem. My friends always talked about masturbation but I wasn't able to do it myself. I never touched myself down there before..

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3 months ago..M for F ask for my number Jacksonville NC ..

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3 months ago..This morning, I jerked off while I thought about my ex-girl Natasha. She was so hot and sexy when we first met. She was wearing this short yellow dress with pink hearts and..

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3 months ago..great relation that’s wonderfull any time need some help let me knwo ..

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3 months ago..stroking my cock to some sweet ass cam girls tonight 👍 for a sunday there sure are some hot bitches on ..

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3 months ago..I fantasize about a horny woman wanting to watch while I stretch and abuse my balls. Kinky enough to let me watch her stuff her ass and pussy with dildos and let me..

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3 months ago..I have the most perverted group of friends anyone could ask for. We’ve never met and not talked about sex any single day, and I’m starting to think we all got together subconsciously..

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3 months ago..Familiarity breeds contempt, they say. Well, I couldn’t agree more! 5 years married to my husband and I already feel like marriage is plainly overrated. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice person...

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3 months ago..My husband’s sister is lesbian OTDL, but she has never hidden her sexuality from me. We’ve been friends since high school. She’s the one that introduced me to her brother whom I later..

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3 months ago..Ever had to masturbate the sexual tension away before going on a date to avoid awkward encounters with your wiener? Well, for me this has always been the routine every time I’m meeting..

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3 months ago..I fucked a girl tonight and couldn't cum so she jerked me off. I came in her mouth and she loved it ..

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3 months ago..My cock is warm i need a transexual to fuck me. I'm jerking off right now on webcam ..

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3 months ago..I was in a relationship with Jim for a year before I had the courage to tell him my fantasy. Maybe it is not “politically correct” to be female and want to be..

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3 months ago..It took me years to realize that girls in topless bars, in states that allow contact with customers, will masturbate us in the main rooms (instead of private champagne rooms)—not with their hands,..

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3 months ago..For some reason last night i was extremely horny and unfortunately my hubby was out of town on business as usual. I'm sure he's out fucking another girl on the side that bastard😟..

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3 months ago..I caught my younger brother pulling on his dick and I got pissed.😡 I yelled at him and asked didn’t he want to get out there and fuck girls? He said he knew..

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