182 confessions of masturbation

10 months ago..I've found that sticking dildos in my ass makes me cum. I'm actually kind of addicted to it now. Thinking about telling my boyfriend but not sure what he will think 😕..

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10 months ago..My gf woke up this morning to me working two fingers in her pussy. She looked shocked for a moment but just went with it. I had a boner the whole time and..

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10 months ago..Masturbation is the story of my life lol. I cant ever seem to get a girl. I've been to bars and all kinds of shit but never get lucky? ..

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10 months ago..Hi. My wife and I currently live in Texas and are avid fans of self masturbation. We enjoy watching each other cum in various ways. When im away on business we will masturbate..

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10 months ago..Taking a shit always makes me hard so i will jerk off. Its a good thing we have tile in the bathroom otherwise it would be a pain in the ass to clean..

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10 months ago..I like to finger myself in the bathtub. The water feels so good swooshing around it. ..

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10 months ago..My wife has saggy tits and a big fat pussy. She's always trying to get me to eat that thing. As the years go by it seems to get harder and harder for..

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10 months ago..I bought my wife a huge ass dildo for christmas this year (and no i didn't leave it under the christmas tree 🤣). Instead I put it under the bed so i could..

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10 months ago..I met this guy one night in a bar and we had an okay sex time. But it could have been better and I felt a little mean because of it. I didn’t..

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10 months ago..Me and my gf sometimes masturbate in the mornings before getting out of bed. My dick is always unusually hard when i wake up so i'll start stroking it. This always seems to..

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10 months ago..Bored af blowing smoke rings out my pussy hole lol. Doing it with this big fat ass joint im smokin🤫 I love smoking pot and it gets me wet. Probably have way to..

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10 months ago..Spending Christmas alone again today. Woke up this morning with the biggest hardon and had to jack it off. It felt so good. I wish i had a couple females i could spend..

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10 months ago..A longtime friend of mine told me recently that he never jerked off when we were in college. I was shocked because I couldn’t wait to close my dorm room door and look..

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10 months ago..I have a thing for a superstar i see in the movie. you probably know her name but i won’t say it, don’t want to show disrespect. i won’t say the movie name..

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10 months ago..My bf always wants to watch me play with myself before we have sex. To be honest I actually prefer this over him fucking me because He really doesn't know how to do..

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10 months ago..When I’m in a playful mood all I need is an erotic movie, dimmed lights, and a handy vibrator for when the scenes coincide with what I had in mind. I do this..

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10 months ago..I like to play with my pussy watching Days of our lives. The guys on there are just so hot and make me very horny. For those of you that don't know what..

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10 months ago..The best masturbatory aid you could ever ask for is porn –live porn for that matter! Everyone has a guilty pleasure –live porn is my poison! Thanks to this new trend, I can..

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11 months ago..well im back and i totally jerked my cock off today! Took a small video of it too I might add 😀. It's like maybe 3 minutes or so. How many of you..

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11 months ago..Someone recently asked the highest number of times I’ve ever masturbated in a day, and I said 3 at most. Well, I lied for fear of judgment. You see, the plain truth is..

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