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8 days ago..I've found that sticking dildos in my ass makes me cum. I'm actually kind of addicted to it now. Thinking about telling my boyfriend but not sure what he will think 😕..

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1 month ago..When I’m in a playful mood all I need is an erotic movie, dimmed lights, and a handy vibrator for when the scenes coincide with what I had in mind. I do this..

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2 months ago..A good friend knows that a friend’s sister and mom are off-limits -Bro Code 101! However, the rule is silent about using them as masturbatory aids. Any time there is a grey area..

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2 months ago..I was recently at the mall and I noticed this hot black chick enter the fitting room with quite the upper-class red dress. She glanced at me (or so I thought😜😜😜) like she..

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2 months ago..I read somewhere that good wine 🍷drives up sexual desire big-time…I doubted it at first, but now, I couldn’t agree more. Personally, a few glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon pump up my estrogen levels..

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2 months ago..Immediately after college I didn’t have much going on in my life. Honestly, I could jerk off the whole day that my dick felt a little scared whenever I reached out to it..

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18 days ago..I bought my wife a huge ass dildo for christmas this year (and no i didn't leave it under the christmas tree 🤣). Instead I put it under the bed so i could..

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2 months ago..I have this friend that reviews sex toys for a living -and yes, that's actually a real job! 🤭She often receives shipments of new arrivals for testing then come up with an honest..

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2 months ago..Back in college, I had this boyfriend that was one class ahead of me -an absolute book warmer with a massive shaft that he hardly used on me. You couldn’t convince this nerd..

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2 months ago..I was recently driving home when I suddenly felt some wetness in my panties. I had barely joined the highway, so I pulled over to check what was going on. I could..

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2 months ago..The company I work for has these boring week-long seminars on a number of subjects from safety, production, sales, etc. They are often held somewhere else, mostly at hotels and the targeted group..

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2 months ago..I dated this virgin girl for nearly six months without once soaking my dick in her pussy. She dreaded the day a stiff cock would rub against her tight walls bringing her immeasurable..

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1 month ago..well im back and i totally jerked my cock off today! Took a small video of it too I might add 😀. It's like maybe 3 minutes or so. How many of you..

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2 months ago..I met this cute Mexican girl a few years back at a friends house party while waiting in line to use the bathroom. We we're kind of drunk and striked up a conversation..

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24 days ago..Bored af blowing smoke rings out my pussy hole lol. Doing it with this big fat ass joint im smokin🤫 I love smoking pot and it gets me wet. Probably have way to..

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16 days ago..My wife has saggy tits and a big fat pussy. She's always trying to get me to eat that thing. As the years go by it seems to get harder and harder for..

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2 months ago..i like to make videos of myself jerking off in various positions. doing this makes me rock hard and cum big loads. my cocks only 5 inches but its thick. i..

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2 months ago..Last Saturday I sat on my ass all day watching college football games and finger fucking myself to all the hot studs. I swear i must have came like 6 times. It was..

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1 month ago..My bf always wants to watch me play with myself before we have sex. To be honest I actually prefer this over him fucking me because He really doesn't know how to do..

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2 months ago..due to all these recent lockdowns i have to masturbae... err masturbate alone forget my typo . yes we and my girls like to do this in our own space 😊 without to..

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