3 months ago..I know it was just a joke but my friends gave me a cheap pink vibrator for my birthday last month, you know a gag gift between girlfriends. I never had one before..

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2 months ago..I met this guy one night in a bar and we had an okay sex time. But it could have been better and I felt a little mean because of it. I didn’t..

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3 months ago..The strangest orgasm I’ve ever had was caused by a gentle rub to my inner thighs, and was delivered by a woman in a bar. That’s right, I’m bisexual –and I’m proud to..

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3 months ago..I met this cute Mexican girl a few years back at a friends house party while waiting in line to use the bathroom. We we're kind of drunk and striked up a conversation..

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2 months ago..I bought my wife a huge ass dildo for christmas this year (and no i didn't leave it under the christmas tree 🤣). Instead I put it under the bed so i could..

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1 month ago..This morning, I jerked off while I thought about my ex-girl Natasha. She was so hot and sexy when we first met. She was wearing this short yellow dress with pink hearts and..

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3 months ago..Back in college, I had this boyfriend that was one class ahead of me -an absolute book warmer with a massive shaft that he hardly used on me. You couldn’t convince this nerd..

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3 months ago..Caressing her hair, I unbuttoned her pants to see her beautiful hairless pussy. Before, she could say no, I sealed her beautiful lips with a french kiss. I made her lie down on..

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24 days ago..After a hectic day at work, normal people would take a shower, pour themselves a refreshingly subtle glass of Chardonnay, and read a book. Well, on that list I would only consider shower..

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3 months ago..I have this friend that reviews sex toys for a living -and yes, that's actually a real job! 🤭She often receives shipments of new arrivals for testing then come up with an honest..

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