6 months ago..I like to watch my husband masturbate. Some women might think that’s a waste of male energy that could be better put to use in their pussies, but not me. I just like..

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8 months ago..Someone recently asked me the most awkward, and surprisingly effective domestic tool I have used to masturbate. A massive cucumber, green bananas, big carrots, and candles are great, but honestly, they've nothing against..

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8 months ago..The company I work for has these boring week-long seminars on a number of subjects from safety, production, sales, etc. They are often held somewhere else, mostly at hotels and the targeted group..

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8 months ago..Someone recently asked the highest number of times I’ve ever masturbated in a day, and I said 3 at most. Well, I lied for fear of judgment. You see, the plain truth is..

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8 months ago..I can’t believe I’m sharing this –but what the hell! During the lockdown, I got myself a premium porn membership at half the price –or at least that’s what the coupon read. I..

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8 months ago..The biggest challenge gay dudes face is picking up an attractive guy at a bar when it is not even clear that they are gay to begin with. Fortunately for me, I have..

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8 months ago..Before the pandemic, a group of us attended a gay wedding in LA, my first gay wedding thus far. It was on a Friday, and we had planned to hit as many clubs..

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8 months ago..My girlfriend moved to a different state for studies after a few months of dating. It was hard for both of us but we were determined to make it work long distance. We..

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6 months ago..M for F ask for my number Jacksonville NC ..

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