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7 months ago..My wife has saggy tits and a big fat pussy. She's always trying to get me to eat that thing. As the years go by it seems to get harder and harder for..

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4 months ago..She dont know what shes doing to herself always fingering her pussy every night and shit? Whats a man gotta do to get some love here???? My wife has gone totally bazerk!! Then..

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7 months ago..I bought my wife a huge ass dildo for christmas this year (and no i didn't leave it under the christmas tree 🤣). Instead I put it under the bed so i could..

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7 months ago..Hi. My wife and I currently live in Texas and are avid fans of self masturbation. We enjoy watching each other cum in various ways. When im away on business we will masturbate..

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1 month ago..My wife caught me jacking off the other day to pornhub and got pissed. I told her well it's better than cheating isn't it? She agreed and let me continue. ..

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