5 months ago..Every housewife has her favorite masturbation technique, I will tell you which is mine. I usually masturbate twice a day, one ine the morning, one in the evening when my husband is tired..

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8 months ago..I know it was just a joke but my friends gave me a cheap pink vibrator for my birthday last month, you know a gag gift between girlfriends. I never had one before..

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6 months ago..I have the most perverted group of friends anyone could ask for. We’ve never met and not talked about sex any single day, and I’m starting to think we all got together subconsciously..

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8 months ago..With the COVID lockdown I miss going into the office because everyday I could see Stephanie the receptionist, about twenty years younger than me. She was polite to me but that was about..

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2 months ago..My mom walked in on me jacking off in the shower? I mean you would think she could here the water running right? I don't know what this means just thought i would..

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8 months ago..I’m a generally conservative chic who doesn’t love surprises in bed. Missionary serves me just fine, and for the longest time, for some reason, my boyfriend believed that I have been putting up..

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3 months ago..My neighbors opened their pool yesterday and i have a good view of it from my upstairs bedroom window. I like to jerk off watching mom in her swimsuit. She has such a..

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8 months ago..Do you have that one male friend you wish you were fucking discreetly? Well, I have a couple, but let’s discuss Mark (not his real name –that pervert frequents sites like this he..

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8 months ago..Sometime in ‘08, I was sentenced to 3 months in prison (over an offense I won’t be discussing here). The first few days were hard for me but my jail mate was kind..

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6 months ago..I caught my younger brother pulling on his dick and I got pissed.😡 I yelled at him and asked didn’t he want to get out there and fuck girls? He said he knew..

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8 months ago..I loathed porn with cheesy plots like the🍕delivery dude fucking some hot babes because they can’t pay for their pizza, a housewife thirsting on a plumber, students screwing their professors after classes and..

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8 months ago..I was recently at the mall and I noticed this hot black chick enter the fitting room with quite the upper-class red dress. She glanced at me (or so I thought😜😜😜) like she..

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8 months ago..My husband and I enjoy rubbing our dicks against each other and explode at the same time during our masturbation sessions. We’ve made it a routine that whenever we jerk off, right before..

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8 months ago..Immediately after college I didn’t have much going on in my life. Honestly, I could jerk off the whole day that my dick felt a little scared whenever I reached out to it..

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8 months ago..A good friend knows that a friend’s sister and mom are off-limits -Bro Code 101! However, the rule is silent about using them as masturbatory aids. Any time there is a grey area..

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7 months ago..My gf woke up this morning to me working two fingers in her pussy. She looked shocked for a moment but just went with it. I had a boner the whole time and..

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4 months ago..yeah yo family talk by text or phone 4013185866. i want yo catch mommy forcing her pusdy on a girl then she makes me ear her bf cum ..

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1 month ago..Weekend mode fades immediately it hits Sunday afternoon unless you have a wonderful activity lined up. For me, Sunday evenings are meant for nature walks at the park catching up with Mother Nature,..

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