1 month ago..I have the most perverted group of friends anyone could ask for. We’ve never met and not talked about sex any single day, and I’m starting to think we all got together subconsciously..

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2 months ago..A longtime friend of mine told me recently that he never jerked off when we were in college. I was shocked because I couldn’t wait to close my dorm room door and look..

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3 months ago..Last Saturday I sat on my ass all day watching college football games and finger fucking myself to all the hot studs. I swear i must have came like 6 times. It was..

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4 months ago..Back in college, I had this boyfriend that was one class ahead of me -an absolute book warmer with a massive shaft that he hardly used on me. You couldn’t convince this nerd..

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3 months ago..Immediately after college I didn’t have much going on in my life. Honestly, I could jerk off the whole day that my dick felt a little scared whenever I reached out to it..

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4 months ago..A good friend knows that a friend’s sister and mom are off-limits -Bro Code 101! However, the rule is silent about using them as masturbatory aids. Any time there is a grey area..

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1 month ago..Ever had to masturbate the sexual tension away before going on a date to avoid awkward encounters with your wiener? Well, for me this has always been the routine every time I’m meeting..

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