182 confessions of masturbation

8 months ago..Im a single old man now and struggle to find a woman for sex so i resort to alot of jacking off these days. You know when I was younger I thought my..

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8 months ago..last night i was so horney and craving to orgasm so hard. as soon as I got home i quickly got naked and put on porn and started playing. lately I..

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8 months ago..Fingering my pussy on the daily now. Fuck men!! Their always pissing me off these days anyway 😒 ..

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8 months ago..I think my sister has a serious problem! Her bedroom is next to mine and at night i can always here her moaning and shit through the wall. While some might think this..

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8 months ago..I am an older male. When i masturbate it is usually while laying nude on my bed. I lay there on my stomach and rub back and forth until i am about to..

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8 months ago..Every housewife has her favorite masturbation technique, I will tell you which is mine. I usually masturbate twice a day, one ine the morning, one in the evening when my husband is tired..

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8 months ago..i once masterbated in a rival schools locker room and blew my load all ovef the bench while my friends were taking an SAT Test. ..

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8 months ago..I am single for almost two months and I really want big and fat cock in my vagina! After I broke up with my last boyfriend, I felt that I don't really need..

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8 months ago..I had a fantasy about bus driver. In this fantasy, we were alone in the bus, it was still day time, he came close to me and asked do I need a hand...

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8 months ago..Dating a nympho really sucks sometimes! I mean this girl is always wanting to fuck. I could be taking a shit and she'd just walk in and want to do it on the..

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8 months ago..Believe it or not, some people have never reached orgasm, ever! I have a friend who’s never experienced an orgasm and has no clue what one feels like. I couldn't believe it when..

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9 months ago..Last night i went out to dinner with this hot guy i know from work. I was kind of shocked he even asked me out to tell you the truth.🤷♀We had a blast..

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9 months ago..After a hectic day at work, normal people would take a shower, pour themselves a refreshingly subtle glass of Chardonnay, and read a book. Well, on that list I would only consider shower..

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9 months ago..Movie nights are fun when you have company. So there’s this day we hosted a couple of friends, had a few drinks, dimmed the lights, and went ahead to watch. For some reason,..

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9 months ago..I clearly remember the day I touched my vagina for the very first time. It was early in the morning and I browsed through some interesting pics from prom. I saw my gym..

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9 months ago..She always loved sex and her pussy was always wet. “Fuck me, fuck me harder!” - she would scream. I would grab her by the tits and squeez them hard. She loved it...

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9 months ago..I like to jerkoff and fantasize about fucking a man in the butt. Whats really weird about this is im not even gay? Is this even normal? Do any other guys do this?..

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9 months ago..I was always told to have sex with a man was a sin so I tried to put it out of my mind. That was difficult. So I told myself “be careful of..

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9 months ago..I gently touched my vagina with 2 fingers. It felt good so I did it again. I couldn't stop myself. I started fingering myself in slow circular motions. It was the best feeling..

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9 months ago..I got a big family and once or twice a year my aunt likes to come and visit. Last night I woke up around 3am with a boner and had to take a..

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