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3 months ago..I want someone to jack their cock off and lick my dirty panties in front of me while i finger my pussy 😋 Cock size doesn't really matter to me that much so..


3 months ago..My husband has a small cock so two fingers has always been good enough for me. He cums so quick when we fuck and literally has no idea that i finger myself after..


6 months ago..I'm 19 years old and wet all the time. Can't seem to find a man to fuck me because they think im to fat ☹ this really sucks and at the end of..


10 months ago..My bf always wants to watch me play with myself before we have sex. To be honest I actually prefer this over him fucking me because He really doesn't know how to do..


8 months ago..I am single for almost two months and I really want big and fat cock in my vagina! After I broke up with my last boyfriend, I felt that I don't really need..


5 months pussys a wet mess. it needs cock on the daily but lately can't seem to get any so i have to masturbate. this usually includes various dildos and othe toys. peace... ..


8 months ago..Every housewife has her favorite masturbation technique, I will tell you which is mine. I usually masturbate twice a day, one ine the morning, one in the evening when my husband is tired..


8 months ago..I think my sister has a serious problem! Her bedroom is next to mine and at night i can always here her moaning and shit through the wall. While some might think this..


2 months ago..Mature MWM, 08060 area. tired of looking at porn. would like to drain a cock to completion. Very discreet. D/D free and had both covid 19 shots......... ..


11 months ago..due to all these recent lockdowns i have to masturbae... err masturbate alone forget my typo . yes we and my girls like to do this in our own space 😊 without to..


11 months ago..well im back and i totally jerked my cock off today! Took a small video of it too I might add 😀. It's like maybe 3 minutes or so. How many of you..


11 months ago..I’ve been pretty much responsible for my own orgasms since I discovered that my lady parts responded to my touch (about 16 years ago). I’m married now, but I still can’t resist the..


9 months ago..I gently touched my vagina with 2 fingers. It felt good so I did it again. I couldn't stop myself. I started fingering myself in slow circular motions. It was the best feeling..


4 months ago..Feeling my pussy out right now watching jaws lol. dont know why but this movie makes me horny as hell. watching this movie for many years. i sit in the recliner with no..


10 months ago..Bored af blowing smoke rings out my pussy hole lol. Doing it with this big fat ass joint im smokin🤫 I love smoking pot and it gets me wet. Probably have way to..


10 months ago..Her butt was intrusive. I stuck a dildo in her ass and took pictures and she loved it. She doesn't know it yet but she gonna cum and dont know about those pics..


9 months ago..I got a big family and once or twice a year my aunt likes to come and visit. Last night I woke up around 3am with a boner and had to take a..


9 months ago..Movie nights are fun when you have company. So there’s this day we hosted a couple of friends, had a few drinks, dimmed the lights, and went ahead to watch. For some reason,..


10 months ago..I like to play with my pussy watching Days of our lives. The guys on there are just so hot and make me very horny. For those of you that don't know what..


11 months ago..I am strangely attracted to my next door neighbor –a married father of one. He’s always nice to me, and there’s a way he looks at me that makes me think that I..


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