After a hectic day at work, normal people would take a shower, pour themselves a refreshingly subtle glass of Chardonnay, and read a book. Well, on that list I would only consider shower and the glass of wine –fuck books! So instead of a book, I ordered myself a vibrator that would keep me company after work. 👈🤷♀ I’d placed my order online a couple of days ago, and today it was delivered to my office. I was dying to take my new toy for a spin, but not in the office (I wasn’t sure if I would manage to suppress my moans.) I planned to drive straight home after work, take a shower like normal people do, pour myself a glass of wine, and have a nice solo play. At the parking lot, I powered my little companion just to listen to the buzz. I swear I had no motive to slide my panties to the side and have it work my clits. Of course, that’s exactly what I did; this sucker had a dual stimulation capability which meant that my G-Spot and Clits were being taken care of simultaneously. My left hand was gently squeezing my stiff melons as the vibrator worked its magic on my pussy. I hadn’t felt this good in a long while. I took a long nap in the car before I drove home for the shower and the glass of wine.

24 days ago..

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