Movie nights are fun when you have company. So there’s this day we hosted a couple of friends, had a few drinks, dimmed the lights, and went ahead to watch. For some reason, red wine makes me incredibly horny. To make matters worse, I had taken more than my allotted ounces of red wine and I was feeling kind of slutty. I was lying on my boyfriend’s chest with his dick pressing against my butt and the Sensuous Blue Is The Warmest Color playing. The alluring sex scenes were taking a toll on my calmness. I began whirling my ass slowly against his dick. I was subtle; nobody except him understood what was going on. His cock inflated, pushed against my butt almost breaking the fabric of his boxers. We weren’t going to fuck before our friends -we were more decent than that, but masturbating was never off-limits. Remember the lights are dim this entire time and everyone else is glued on the TV (including us, at least physically). I was wearing a hot mini club dress and we covered each other with a light bed sheet that made it easy for us to fool around undetected. This naughty son of a bitch hiked my dress up a little and reached down in my panties. I needed this above everything else, so I lifted my right leg a little to leave him some space. He could now access my pussy, more precisely my itchy clits. He rubbed it in circles the way I liked it while occasionally dipping his fingers in my coochie. At this point I didn’t care if anyone was looking. I had even dimmed my vision to delight this remarkable thing going on. I was careful not to moan! I’m petite, and he’s tall which made it possible for him to fondle my breasts while rubbing my clits. He drove me to orgasm that night –I still use that memory to jerk off whenever I’m home alone and horny.

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