I was always told to have sex with a man was a sin so I tried to put it out of my mind. That was difficult. So I told myself “be careful of diseases” and that worked. Then I discovered the adult video booths in the big city I live near. Men would have blowjobs in the booths. The management let them do it. So I would go in a booth and watch movies and listen to the men in the next booths, one on each side, while they had the oral sex. Sometimes they did more, I could tell. It was all easy to hear, even with a movie on. And I would take out my dick and jerk it. I looked at my dick and thought, “it’s big, those guys would like to suck this one.” But I was afraid to give in so I listened to their sounds and shot my sperm into napkins from McDonald’s. Not a perfect life but worked for me. I hope bookstores will open again soon after the corona gets better.

1 month ago..

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