Ever had to masturbate the sexual tension away before going on a date to avoid awkward encounters with your wiener? Well, for me this has always been the routine every time I’m meeting a new person or all the time before heading for our college reunions. I wasn’t a very popular kid in college, and so I missed out on a lot of opportunities to get wasted and fuck around without the care in the world. I was a nerd, and the only time the hot girls would want to spend time with me was when they needed help with advanced algebra or geometry. All of a sudden nerd felt sexy, and I was loving every bit of it. I would grace a couple of firm titties during the day and later jerked off intensively imagining myself smashing those hot babes. Admittedly, I never got lucky with anyone waay out of my league during college, but I’ve never stopped thinking about those little degenerates. Of course, I’m a different person now –you’d be amazed at the type of girl you can fuck with a lined pocket. Still, I haven’t forgotten about the ones that got away. I masturbate with their images all the time. Most of them are married or wasted now which is why I masturbate multiple times before heading to our annual reunion parties to refrain myself from making a foolish move on my all-time crushes! ...

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