I bought my wife a huge ass dildo for christmas this year (and no i didn't leave it under the christmas tree 🤣). Instead I put it under the bed so i could surprise her with it later that night. So it was around 10 or so when we went up to bed. She usually fucks around with her hair and shit in the bathroom before jumping in bed. While she was doing her thing I grabbed the dildo and slipped it under the sheets on her side of the bed and waited for her to get in. She came up in her sexy nighty on and yanked the covers back and was like omg! wtf is this? I couldn't help but laugh and said well "what do you think it is"! She picked it up and said "Oh honey this thing wont fit inside me? I said well there is only one way to find out! She got in and i started rubbing her pussy through her silky panties to get her wet. After a few minuted i started slowly trying to push it in. Once she was all slippery we found out she could get about 5 inches of that motherfucker inside. She moaned with excitement and had one hell of an orgasm! It was great. We have been trying this ever since that night. Merry Christmas and happy new years 🍻🍻

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