I met this guy one night in a bar and we had an okay sex time. But it could have been better and I felt a little mean because of it. I didn’t tell him that though but instead told him he could have a pair of my panties as a souvenir until the next time we got together. He laughed but I saw the idea turned him on. Originally I had not planned to see him again but now I wanted to and discover what happened with the panties. I saw him a week later and he was wearing the panties. He confessed he wore them under his clothes everyday and jerked off in them every night. I never realized a pair of my panties could so fuck up a guy. He was more excited over my panties than over me. One time I watched him stroke himself through the panties till he made a big wet spot. I don’t fuck him anymore but I have him come over now and then to give me a panty masturbation show.

20 days ago..

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