A longtime friend of mine told me recently that he never jerked off when we were in college. I was shocked because I couldn’t wait to close my dorm room door and look at a Playboy magazine and lay on my stomach and hump the bed. But my friend said he never did it and that explains a lot to me now, that’s probably why he was so hyper when we were in school. He also got more action that the rest of us did so maybe not jerking off motivated him that way. I went out with girls but not with the success he had. He was always telling us how he fucked this girl or got a blowjob from that one. I had some sex but could have gotten more I guess. Maybe I enjoyed my time with my favorite magazines too much (I was in college quite awhile ago, before Internet). I used to cum right on the pages, that always turned me on to do, but the magazines did become a little gross and crinkly. ...

10 months ago..

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