My girlfriend moved to a different state for studies after a few months of dating. It was hard for both of us but we were determined to make it work long distance. We sexted a lot during the first few weeks of her leaving and it really worked for us. She was kinky AF, both in real life and in her sexts. I wasn’t that bad off either judging by the number of times I drove her to masturbate while we face-timed. This particular day was a slow Friday at the office so we resumed our ‘harmless’ sexting from where we’d left it from the previous night. I was getting a small boner -you know –the manageable kind that only a keen person would notice. I later walked to a Starbucks just around the block for my routine coffee break. While I waited in line to get my coffee, bitch sent me a picture of her pink hairless pussy with her two fingers seductively shoved between the swollen lips. My dick rose to full potential in an instant –not even a Phantom engine could power that fast! This time anyone could notice! I got off the line and made an awkward walk towards their bathroom stalls. Not sure if I closed my stall, but in a couple of seconds I had my dick in my hand –monster was leaking precum already! I took another deep look at the image, returned the phone in my pocket, closed my eyes, and imagined myself obliterating that fat pussy hardcore while stroking my dick rhythmically! A minute later, thick load was dripping down the stall’s wall. I walked away rejuvenated, never even bothered taking coffee; I guess that was enough stimulation for the day! ...

10 months ago..

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