When I’m in a playful mood all I need is an erotic movie, dimmed lights, and a handy vibrator for when the scenes coincide with what I had in mind. I do this every other time and it sort of takes off the pressure of not having a boyfriend to fuck my brains out when I crave the endorphin rush –which is about every other time I think of Channing Tatum. Regardless, I think from my ritual masturbation, I score more orgasms than a “happily married” couple that schedules their sex –yikes! Admittedly, under the right motivation, I can masturbate just about anywhere! I’ve done it countless times while stuck in traffic, at the office, at the park, office, etc. You need the dirtiest mind to pull one off under your desk in the office with everyone going about their business. I do it nearly every other day, never been ambushed–probably suspected, but never caught with fingers sunk in my wet sweaty pussy!

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