When I landed my second job in New York, I was forced to move to a different neighborhood to shorten the commute. I enlisted the services of a moving company, and there I was one Friday evening heading to the place I would call home for the next three years – (my contract expired in 3 years.) I had just gone through a nasty breakup with my then-boyfriend about a month ago, and heading to the Bronx I knew it was me and my battery-operated boyfriend, at least until I could trust men again. The men were gracious enough to help me set up my new apartment –and somewhere in the process, it came to my realization that I must have overestimated my disgust for men. This dude was getting back to collect more stuff when we coincidentally clashed at the door while I entered the apartment with a few items in both hands. We tried to squeeze through the door but there was no way we could both fit in. I could feel his dick graze my thighs and somehow I needed to feel more of that. He went back to allow me move in, and he couldn’t look me straight in the eye after that. I was horny as fuck, so I dashed to the bathroom, rinsed my hands, and went on to finger my pussy viscously like no one was in the other room. I must have moaned a little louder while in there, but I hope no one heard. I was a quick rub, and in a few minutes after cleaning up I was back with the team offloading the truck. ...

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