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Have you ever tried solo BDSM masturbation? Solo kink is a good way to mix things up in your bedroom. If you are tired of vanilla sex and if you want to try something new, but your partner is not into BDSM and he or she is not kinky, try kinky and naughty BDSM masturbation and see if you like it. There are many things you can do all by yourself when it comes to masturbation and sex. But also, you must avoid some things, you don't want to do something you'll regret later. Enjoy your own BDSM masturbation when you are alone, but always take precautions. One of my favorite things is self bondage, but this technique is not for beginners. If you do something wrong, you will call for help some of your friends and everyone will create rumors about your kinkyness. Safety is the most important part when we talk about BDSM masturbation. At least one of your hands should always be free. You can try it, it doesn't hurt...much. If you like it, you can practice this type of masturbation whenever and wherever you like, but the least risky is in your own bedroom. Make sure your friends will not come over at that time.
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1 month ago.. i dont have any friends so we ain't got to worry bout that 😅

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No but I want too
i dont have any friends
I wanna stick my cock
hot 🔥
also text me just to
im that guy sexy 207
That's weird tbh,but I've heard
🤣 It's both

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