Visiting the Caribbean🌴🌴 is the top item on my bucket list next to owning a Kardashian-inspired life-size artificially intelligent sex doll that compliments me for a job well-done (I really hope one exists already.) I’d go to the Caribbean purposely for the hot girls. I mean, I can sit through hours of dancehall music watching these dazzling hotties twerk their big asses in rhythm wondering how it would feel to have my dick shoved in one of their asses while they ride this rigorously. I’d be lying to say I haven’t jerked off to nearly every new dancehall music video –‘cause let’s face it, every video comes with exceedingly spicier vixens. Often, the lyrics compliment my dirty intentions making it even easier to carry on with my business. Jamaican dancehall artists would chant about mammoth cassava or a big banana soaking in a Caribbean girl’s dripping wet pussy giving you the much-needed mental image to stroke one out right there in the living room. I’ve shamelessly masturbated countless times to raunchy dancehall videos since they started coming in HD, and now I’m making efforts to actualize my fantasy with these elegant babes.😜 ...

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