Sexy, Romantic, sensual gentleman 46 Years old, ooking for a women to pay attention too. The worlds a mess right now so value any connection that can make me feel excitement. The the thought of connecting with a women who enjoys being paid attention and wants to feel the same excitement drives me wild. I love to please. For me connection is everything, being able to express yourself to someone that makes you feel amazing is the best feeling. Sick of fake profiles, and talkers who do nothing and looking for a real women who is on the same page as me to create our own little fun world and enjoy the moment. im not much into typing and i adore real communication like voices, eye contact and body language it makes the feeling so much more real and intense. One thing is feeling good and the other is being able to take advantage of those feelings and share them with someone. Never been a big fan of fantasy so the reality part is what excites me.... I know you are out there, and even making this post makes me super excited at the possibility of connecting with you. I can only image how amazing it would be to be looking into your eyes, telling and showing you how you make me feel as we enjoy each others company. Lets conect ...

2 months ago..

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2 months ago.. Come on ladies.... lifes to short not to enjoy the moment

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