My husband has a small cock so two fingers has always been good enough for me. He cums so quick when we fuck and literally has no idea that i finger myself after we have sex when he goes to sleep. He's never been long enough to satisfy me but i love him so much and have always been afraid to tell him. ...

3 months ago..

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20 days ago.. get testosterone checked. i used to cum quick. after starting testosterone injections i can last for 30 mins to an hour. sometimes we have sex 2-3 a day and i don't cum. after a couple days of that I'll cum so hard i almost collapse. i don't mind not cumming every time. it still feels good and the wife is fully satisfied. oh and i take 5mg daily cialis.
2 months ago.. i'm the same as him
2 months ago.. id have a threesome with you and your husband..lol after he gets off he can watch me fuck you while you give him head or 69 and he can eat you out while I'm fucking you so he can watch you when you cum on my cock he'll have a pov of your pussy lips clenching around my cock and our cum running down your thighs.
3 months ago.. U should let mme make u cum when he goes to sleep
3 months ago.. kik brazilianpsl

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