Weekend mode fades immediately it hits Sunday afternoon unless you have a wonderful activity lined up. For me, Sunday evenings are meant for nature walks at the park catching up with Mother Nature, and gearing up for Monday (yikes!) This has been my routine for a while now; sometimes I talk with friendly strangers wasting their Sunday evening at the park as myself or just walk and sit solo. This Sunday I’m seated at a bench next to a young couple that can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Naturally, I’m turned on as hell but I sit their calm like I’m not even bothered. I could literally feel my pussy walls contracting, itching for some dick real bad! I chose to be the bigger person and give them some privacy. They seemed to have a lot they could accomplish if left alone. I’m now seated at an adjacent bench facing the other side but I couldn’t shake off what I just saw. There was no one facing my direction except for another couple at the far end of the park who wouldn’t even notice if I were using a vibrator. I get this kinky thought to touch my inner thighs gently and slide my fingers further to my pussy. I’m feeling super horny at the moment –I don’t even debate the thought. I gently caress my thighs with my legs spread wide apart, tease my pussy lips a little through my now wet panties. A minute later, I slip two fingers in, go for the clits and rub that thing fast. By now I’m wetting on my dress but I'm never bothered at all! I rubbed my clits, fingered the inside of my pussy, and repeated that for another minute or two until I came. It was one hell of an impromptu masturbation session I have ever had. ...

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