last night i was so horney and craving to orgasm so hard. as soon as I got home i quickly got naked and put on porn and started playing. lately I have been enjoying edging and squeezing really tight with lube. so I was about ten minutes into a really great stroke and I guess I forgot to close my door and next thing I knew my neighbor was watching me . now it is a fantasy to have a woman catch me playing and join in. but what do you do when your neighbor is a guy? i pulled my pants up and as I was about to ask what he wanted, he walked over and grabbed my bulging pants and said keep watching porn and fantasize about his mouth being a woman. well next thing I knew I was getting the best oral i have had in a very long time. he was everywhere in between my legs. I am str8 but I really enjoyed it. I think I am going to keep the door open from now on for anyone else lol craigslist.. tiktok.. snapchat.. instagram sex..

2 months ago..

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